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Mega Comfort MultiThotic Anti-Fatigue Insole

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MEGAComfort’s MultiThotic 3-in-1 Orthotic Insole is ergonomically designed by a Doctor, using a patented combination of high-density dual layer 100% memory foam plus two re-attachable orthotic arch supports (medical grade materials). The light green flexible arch support is recommended for medium/regular arch type and the dark green rigid arch support is recommended for low arch/pronation support. Based on foot type, footwear, and activity level, MultiThotic provides adaptable comfort and shock absorption while simultaneously allowing one to vary the degree of heel, arch support and motion control. Made with medical grade Polyplastic, the MultiThotic is a cost-effective initial replacement to custom made orthotics. Ideal for stationary, mobile and those who work outdoors. For use with Industrial – Safety and Steel-toe footwear, Casual and Work Footwear.
PREVENTS Plantar Fasciitis, Foot, Back and Knee Pain, Muscle Fatigue, Fungus, Foot Odor and Sweating


  • Two Pairs of Interchangeable, Medical Grade, Re-Attachable Orthotic Arch Supports
  • Patented 100% Dual Layer Memory Foam
  • Ergonomically Designed By A Doctor
  • 3-in-1 Comfort Orthotic
  • Silver Ion Anti-Microbial Technology in Top Cloth Offering Anti-Bacterial, Anti- Perspiration and Anti-Odor
  • Temperature Regulating Aeration Holes
  • Machine Washable


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