As part of our corporate vision to make our communities a better place to live, we have chosen to partner with Hire Heroes USA in their quest to assist military personnel and their families make the transition from active military service to civilian work life. Each month, we donate a % of our sales to this incredibly worthy organization. Through our partnership with Hire Heroes USA, we have seen many of our veterans find a new life in the civilian workforce.

Please Join Us in Supporting HIRE HEROES USA


Every year Work Wear Safety Shoes holds a charity golf tournament benefiting Hire Heroes USA. With over 120 participants yearly the charity golf tournaments helps raise thousands of dollars to help support veterans assisted by Hire Heroes USA. Pictured: Left-Natasha(Veteran), Center-Coleman McDonald(Work Wear Safety Shoes President/CEO), Right-Christopher Plamp(Hire Heroes USA CEO)

Pie In The Face Fundraiser

Work Wear Safety Shoes held a 'Pie In The Face' fundraiser to support Hire Heroes USA. Employees who donated towards the cause got to throw a shaving cream pie in the face of the CEO, CXO, or IT Manager. The event was a SWEET success!

$2 Per Pair of Tegopro Sold

As a commitment to supporting Hire Heroes USA every single month of the year, Work Wear Safety Shoes donates $2 of every pair of Tegopro brand footwear sold across the entire company. This helps greatly with ensuring that Hire Heroes USA consistently has a stream of incoming funds to help get more veterans the assistance they need to find the right job after entering civilian life.

Hire Heroes USA Challenge Coin

A Challenge Coin represents a long-standing tradition among the U.S. military, symbolizing unit identity, espirit de corps, and special achievement. Comradery and lifelong bonds have been forged in battles throughout history, and Challenge Coins capture the spirit of their accomplishments and represent a commitment to service. Work Wear Safety Shoes is proud to have received a Challenge Coin from Hire Heroes USA commemorating the hiring of 10,000 vetrans and their spouses into the civilian work force.